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From the founding of the city ...

Welcome to my neocity. I'm very happy to see the idea of Geocities resurrected. It looks like they've put together some great tools here. Let a hundred flowers bloom! What shall we build today?


(Roman dating. Hover mouse over year or date for English translation.)


a.d. xv kal. apr.
I added a new section/page "LINGUAE LATINAE DISCO", ("I learn Latin"). Check it out.


a.d. vii kal. avg.
I learn from the great Wikipedia that the "A.U.C." of Roman years does not actually stand for Ab Urbe Condita ("from the founding of the city"), but for Anno Urbis Conditae ("year of the founded city"). Ab Urbe Condita was the title of a history by Livy. As a site title, it still fits, but keep in mind it's not what "A.U.C./A.V.C." stands for. Also, AUC dating was not invented until the 1st century B.C., and was rarely used even after that. Romans generally identified years with the names of the consuls in office, or the regnal year of the emperor.
a.d. viii kal. avg.
I added a today's date display at the top of the page ("HODIE EST ...") in Roman style, of course (hover your mouse pointer over the date to see the more familiar Gregorian equivalent). It's powered by my first real foray into writing Javascript.
a.d. xiii kal. ivn.
Salvete! It's been a while, but I added links to a list of basic Latin vocabulary and an on-line course.


a.d. v kal. mar.
Read about how non-Latin city names were rendered in Neo-Latin. Interestingly, the Catholic Church apparently doesn't use the rules outlined in the Wikipedia article, at least to the extent that the letter 'K' is used in many see names.


a.d. xv kal. feb.
Completed Roman dating explanation page.
a.d. xvii kal. feb.
Switched to Roman dating.
a.d. xviii kal. feb.
Working through MDN JavaScript basics tutorial. Example page here.
Installed Bootstrap template
prid. id. ian.
Added Profile link to navbar
a.d. iii id. ian.
How to Follow a Neocities Web Site
a.d. iv id. ian.
In principio creavit Deus ...


What I want doing here ... and why.

Style with ancient Rome theme
... the site is named "Neocities", so my pages here are my city. Rome because quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
Study Latin
... to better understand old prayers, and quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
Learn Javascript and Node.js
... because they are increasingly popular programming tools, and since Neocities appears not to support CGI, they may be the only way to program here.


Learn Latin with me!